I am an artist, photographer and author from a small town near Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. In my forms of expression (painting, words, photography) as well as in the styles of my works I do not limit myself to a single path. My creativity and my desire to express myself and the beauties I feel and recognize, demand to be born into the world as fully and unrestrictedly as possible.

I photograph landscapes in all their glorious sizes as well as animals from elephant to mosquito, the smallest structures like ice crystals as well as pure colours like flower details. In my work as an author I write funny as well as spiritual or serious or meditative poems as well as children's books or stories for adults. I also love to create figurative, but above all abstract pieces in the fine arts.

I love to use a variety of painting styles and techniques and to create very different works depending on my feelings, intuition and heart's mood. Only my heart and my desire for beauty and inner and outer brightness are my compasses in my work.

I look at prefabricated opinions and paths given or trodden by others and perhaps derive inspiration from them before I leave them again to continue my own path.



It is the infinite vastness of life that attracts me again and again.




Wideness, Wideness. It calls me, it tempts me, it takes me in, it laughs. I travel through it from hill to lake, from mountain to cloud and further away into the endless lands. I leap from stone to stone, whirling up the dust, I breath the wind. Fresh it blows after me and to meet me. I find silence and the rustle of water.

I immerse into colours and light, spread my wings and sing.

Carola Vahldiek

As time goes by my way to take photos, write and paint approached to a philosophical consideration of life itself. There are entirely different possibilities to consider the things. And every possibility leads to a different reality. In this way all these possibilities give me the freedom to let something new arise and create real own, extraordinary, surprising and impressive images of reality without manipulating it. In this way my art talks about the love and freedom I feel inside and about all the miracles of the world that still can be found these days.